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I'm Jenn Swanson and this is my podcast called Careers by Jenn (formerly The Communication Diva Podcast.)

I started podcasting as a hobby in 2012 on the broad topic of communication. At the time, I was teaching Human Relation Skills to college students in the healthcare field, and realized that what used to be "common sense" is not really all that common anymore, because communication skills are not intentionally taught much anymore. I didn't have enough class time to cover very much in depth, and so decided I needed a platform on which to expand what I wanted to share with people. So, Communication Diva was born.

My early episodes are quite general, and then once I got to Episode 100 and beyond, I began to focus mainly on career, workplace, job search and self-improvement topics that help you to succeed in the workplace (and in life!) through great and more effective communication.

Then, right after (and before and around) episode 150, I re-branded the name and that is why you will see Careers by Jenn title and artwork from 151 onwards!

It's been a journey and a progression and it's been amazing!

This show is sometimes just me, waxing eloquent...(haha!) and more often, I interview fascinating guests from all around the globe who offer tips and actionable ways you can get the job, love your work and advance your career. Sometimes we focus on self-growth and wellness, organizational and personal improvement topics, and other times we give you step-by-step advice to get something particular done. In any case, thanks for reading this very long description! I hope you find something that resonates here and invite you to join the conversation. (Come join our private Facebook group too, it's called The Careers by Jenn Community.)


Sep 13, 2018

Can strategic quitting can save you? The answer would be sometimes, yes! In today's podcast, my guest Lynn Marie Morski shares why she passionately believes in it.


Aug 2, 2018

Successful people often have a few solid habits that are worth considering if you want to be more successful. In this show, I'll share 7 of the most common activities for morning routines that you can adopt starting tomorrow!

May 31, 2018

How do you choose between

two really great career opportunities? How do you choose between two really great opportunities in general? What do you have to weigh, and how what might you win or lose when you finally do decide?

Use the principles of Improv

In this show, our guest uses the principles of improv theatre...

Jan 25, 2018

Good manners can make all the difference to how you are perceived and how successful you are in the workplace. In this episode, Jenn talks about manners beyond please and thank-you, and offers suggestions as to how to "up" your manners game.

Jan 11, 2018

Learn 17 ways you can make yourself indispensable at work and how doing this can improve your career and your life! Jenn explains the difference between being indispensable and irreplaceable and offers solid goals you can work toward in this podcast episode.