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The Communication Diva Podcast: Get the Job, Love Your Work, Advance Your Career

My name is Jenn (aka The Communication Diva...fully tongue-in-cheek!) 

I started podcasting as a hobby in 2012 on the broad topic of communication. At the time, I was teaching Human Relation Skills to college students in the healthcare field, and realized that what used to be "common sense" is not really all that common anymore, because communication skills are not intentionally taught much. I didn't have enough class time to cover very much in depth, and so decided I needed a platform on which to expand what I wanted to share with people.

So, Communication Diva was born. My early episodes are quite general, and then once I got to Episode 100 and beyond, I began to focus mainly on workplace, job search and self-improvement topics that help you to succeed in the workplace (and in life!) through great and more effective communication. This show is sometimes just me, waxing eloquent...(haha!) and more often, I interview fascinating guests from all around the globe who offer actionable ways you can improve your communication skills, reach those goals you have set and live out YOUR passion. I hope you find something that resonates here and invite you to join the conversation!

Jul 27, 2017

Award-winning actor and author Alan Alda has been using his acting skills to change the world...literally, by helping others do their jobs more effectively. Through the use of specific improvisational training, he and the organizations he has helped to found have allowed thousands to communicate their ideas and their work to others more effectively and efficiently. His most recent book "If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on my Face", was published in June of 2017, and is a delightful and informative read, full of stories and examples of how we humans can more deeply connect with each other, for the good of the world. In the book, and this episode, we learn about the power of using improvisation to build connection and to open up channels of communication between people.

And so I invite you to join me in this rich and inspiring conversation with Alan Alda.